About PointsQuick Website

We created PointsQuick in September 2018 after we realized that nobody is offering quality and working cheats and hacks for mobile plus PC games that are easy to use and safe.

Every single website we did visit offered to get free resources, but they never worked, or it was a complicated method to get them. We are pretty sure many people did find themselves in a similar situation for almost every single mobile game.

After seeing how hard it was to find some practical way to get resources we decided to put in the time and effort to create online generators that will make it easy to obtain funds for your favorite games. Online hacks are best we can help other fans to enjoy the games we love more.

All of our generators are up-to-date and working for 2020. We put a lot of time and effort into creating these gens. And unlike other websites that offer generators that promise you resources, we make it super simple with just a few clicks.

What is our objective?

Most mobile games are using the freemium model these days, and so we do understand that many people are looking for easy ways to get currencies. Be that through hacks or online generators. What is worse is that some PC games started to do that as well.

So our objective is to create a website where games can find a reliable way to obtain items and currencies. We want PointsQuick.com to be the website gamers know to visit when they are looking for a fast, safe, and secure way to get some resources like, for example, diamonds, coins or gold.

The long term goal is to have a generator available for all the most requested games so that every single gamer that needs new resources can get find them here.

What you can expect from PointsQuick.com

You can expect cheats, hacks, and generators that work in 2020. As we’ve said, we aim to be the best site to find working hacks and generators for PC and mobile games. That means that we will make sure that all of our products are safe and working.

We also listen to our readers. If you have a question or a suggestion, we always love to hear it. We’ve created several generators for private use for people. If some game needs a working hack, then feel free to use the contact us page.