About PointsQuick Website

PointsQuick is a website that went online in early 2020 after we noticed that there were hardly any working hacks and cheats available for PC and mobile games that work.

Most sites in 2020 offer poorly coded or just rehashed cheats and hacks from other websites, but ours are custom build from scratch. The main priority while developing them was to make them easy to use for any mobile and pc games we want.

Resources like Gold, Gems and so on are always hard to farm, and that’s the main problem with modern mobile games. That’s why we spend so much time and effort in creating online generators that can replace all the pain and time you devote to farming new gear. 

Only Online Cheats and Hacks can make some games worth the time to play. All of the generators you will find on this PointsQuick are working and up-to-date for 2020. So grab some resources today with just a few simple clicks.

What is our objective for games?

At PointsQuick, we hate the freemium model that is so popular these days, and it’s evident that many people are looking for a simple way to get a headstart in games. Be that with online generators or hacks for PC and Mobile games.

So to put in, our objective is to make a website where you will be able to find all the cheats and hacks you can ever want. We would love it if PointsQuick became the go-to place to find a safe and quick way to generate resources like Gold, Coins, Cash, or even Diamonds.

The super long term goal is to have a site that will save people a lot of time with cheats and hacks for most games.

What you should expect from Pointsquick.com

Well, first of all, expect a lot of cheats, hacks, and modern generators that will work on mobile and desktop in 2020. As I said above, we aim to be the best site to find operating hacks and generators for PC and mobile games. That means that we will make sure that all of our products are maintained and working.

We also listen to our fans. If you have a question or a suggestion for new cheats, generators, or hacks, we always love to hear it. We’ve created several generators for private use for people. If some game needs a working hack, then feel free to use the contact page on the website.