King of Avalon Hack – Unlimited Gold Generator (2019)

King of Avalon Hack

King of Avalon Hack is a generator that can generate unlimited Gold and Food in 2019. Gold is the most valuable currency in the King of Avalon game. All you need to do is visit our website, open the King of Avalon Generator, and choose the number of Gold you would like to get.

Open King of Avalon Generator

Is it possible to hack King of Avalon?

It’s possible to hack King of Avalon, and you will learn how to hack King of Avalon in this post. There are many King of Avalon Hacks and cheats that can give you Gold in 2019, and we tested all of them to make sure ours is better. So feel free to put our generator to the test.

Learn how to hack King of Avalon

How To Get Gold

If you want to learn how to hack King of Avalon on your PC or even iOS and Android, then you will need to find a working hack tool for this game. Well, you can use ours, and the hacking will be effortless if you want some Gold or Food. You won’t need to bother with jailbreak or use any Mod or APK with our King of Avalon Online Generator.

Our way of hacking the King of Avalon is perfect for people who want some resources like Gold or Food. That’s the only thing this generator can do in 2019, but it’s the thing most people want. So if you want something else, then you will need to find some other cheat.

How to Hack King of Avalon

  • Click on the “Open King of Avalon Generator” button above
  • Pick how many Gold and Food you would like to get into your account
  • Type in the account name or ID you have and select the device you are using and the press the “Continue” button
  • Wait a while for the generator to finish adding the Gold and Food to you King of Avalon Account
  • That’s all, and now you can enjoy the newly generated Gold and Food in the King of Avalon game.

King of Avalon Gold Generator

Gold Generator

There is an easy way to generate Gold in King of Avalon, and that is to use King of Avalon Gold Generator in 2019. That is the easiest way to get unlimited Gold for this game and to build a beautiful and powerful castle. Or get some food to feed your massive army and dominate the opponents.

If you are worried or you don’t like human verification or surveys, then don’t worry. We don’t want them as well, and that’s why they won’t be a problem for our gold hack. If you have cleared IP and your account is clean, then you won’t be asked to verify that you aren’t a botter. We lost one of our great generators because they got botted before.

How does hacking King of Avalon work

King of Avalon Hack Tool

Hacking the King of Avalon game can be done in a few ways, and we can compare them here. We will focus on stuff that can generate resources like Gold for this game in 2019. The popular options are hacks, APK, Codes, or Mod. We believe the King of Avalon Hack with a generator like ours is the best option, and here is why.


APK is a popular option for people that want to hack and get resources on mobile phones with iOS and Android. The reason why we don’t recommend going this route is that you need to download stuff into your phone, and that is always bad. You can’t know if there isn’t something terrible hiding in the files. Another reason is that you can’t use it on PC, and some people play King of Avalon on that in 2019.


Mod is probably the worst thing you can do to try to hack King of Avalon. APK Mod is hard to use, and we know people that got banned because they used them. You should avoid modding the game if you don’t want to lose your account. You should better use a clean APK or even better use our King of Avalon Hack.


The main drawback of codes is that they are limited in the number of resources they can give to your account. Another sad thing is that the vast majority of them aren’t working when you try to use them. The only real way to get unlimited Gold and Food for King of Avalon is to use our King of Avalon Generator. You can have so many Gold that you will need to visit the King of Avalon wiki to learn what to use them for in the game.

So to keep your account secure, we would recommend using King of Avalon Hack with an online generator like the one we have. You should try our King of Avalon generator because the same technology is used on our other hacks as well. For example, the Star Stable HackMarvel Contest of Champions Hack, and Dragon Ball Legends Hack.

Benefits of using our Gold and Food Hack Tool in 2019 

King of Avalon Cheats

There are a few great benefits that you will enjoy if you decide to use the hack tools from PointsQuick. We make sure that the benefits of using all of our hacks apply to all of the cheats and online generators we develop going forward. That includes, for example, the Soccer Stars HackBleach Brave Souls Hack, and even Toon Blast Hack.

  • Device – This King of Avalon Hack will work with any platform and any device like PC, iOS, and Android Mobile Phone, or even Chromebook and iPad. All you need is an internet connection, and If you can start our hack with the device, you will be able to generate Gold with it.
  • Tested/Updated – The King of Avalon game is updated a few times per year, and that’s good for players. But for us, it means we need to make sure each time to update and test our generator. There would be no point of this site if the generator didn’t work.
  • County – The King of Avalon game has supporters in many countries all over the globe, so the hack must be available for everyone to use. You can be from Poland, Brazil, Turkey, Germany, Canada, Australia, or the United States, and the generator will still give you Gold to your account.
  • Download – There is no necessity to download King of Avalon Hack because we give you an online generator for this game. It’s hugely safer and saves you a lot of bandwidth that you can use to, for example, to watch something about dragons.

King of Avalon Hack Tools and Cheats

Cheats are not that different from a hack tool in 2019, but there are some reasons why you should use hacks. Usually, both can give you stuff like Wood, Food, and Gold, but hacks with generators are easy to use and don’t require you to know anything about hacking. Cheats can be tricky to use, even for Gold in King of Avalon.


Most of the time, when cheats are used, it’s through a cheat engine that is complicated to use. Why would you spend hours to learn how to use it when you can get the Gold with a few clicks online without much hassle. It honestly makes no sense to try to use cheats when hacks exist in 2019.

Hack Tools

Hack Tools are just an online generator that is made to provide you resources fast in 2019. It’s the same thing with hacks since they are both the same thing with different names with the same functionality. If you want to try to use some other hack tools, then try, for example, the Marvel Strike Force HackMerge Dragons Hack.

If you want unlimited resources like Gold and Food, then I would say stick to using King of Avalon generator. Cheats are better if you’re going for more complex stuff in the game, but not for resources. For resources, online generators are the superior choice.


Now you know how to get unlimited Gold and Food in King of Avalon in 2019. And you hopefully learned why hacks are superior to APK, Mod, and codes for this game. All you need is a reliable working generator like ours that can get you Gold to enjoy the game more.

People love King of Avalon: Dragon War because of a medieval fantasy about England. And the King Arthur plus the Knights of the Round Table concept to make a game was a brilliant idea as well.

Building a great city and massive army vs. your enemy and go to war is fun when it’s multiplayer. So don’t wait and train your dragon and wage war against your medieval enemy. It can be more comfortable now with the help of our unlimited Gold!

So if you desire to have more resources in King of Avalon, then use our King of Avalon Hack. To get swift access to it, use the button above or this link to access the Gold and Food working generator from PointsQuick.