Marvel Strike Force Hack

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Marvel Strike Force Hack is a generator that allows you to generate Power Cores and Gold. Those are the critical currencies in the Marvel Strike Force game. All you have to do is open the Hack, choose the number of resources you want. Then you can level up or increase rank for your champions with the Gold you generated.

Marvel Strike Force Generator

Is it possible to hack the Marvel Strike Force?

Many people are asking this question, and the truth is that it used to be hard to cheat in online games like Marvel Strike Force. If you are asking why then it was because it took a lot of fo time and money to develop a hack tool that is working and safe at the same time.

So the most common way to get unlimited resources was either to use some shady APK application or to pay someone to make you a private cheat. The difference today is that building a generator today is cheap since people learned how to do it. So everyone can attempt to generate some resources these days.

So, yes, it’s possible to hack Marvel Strike Force to get all the Gold and Power cores you can ever want. You can hack Marvel Strike Force with our generator to get some gold. Then you can use it to get some upgrades or better gear with the generated Gold. You can as well get some Power Cores that you can use, for example, to unlock the orbs to get some new heroes to your roster.

How to Use this Marvel Strike Force Hack

Marvel Strike Force Cheat

Just follow the easy steps below, and you are good to go. We did try to make this generator simple to use for everyone. So it’s a straightforward and easy process to get infinite Gold and Power Cores to your Marvel Strike Force game account.

It shouldn’t take you more than a few minutes to finish the whole process online with our hack generator. And, if you have any difficulty using it, ask in the chat for help from other people who are generating every day some currencies.

The plans are to improve the interface of the Hack in 2020, so look forward to that. And in the meantime, here is a short guide of how to use Marvel Strike generator from PointsQuick.

  1. Click on the “Marvel Strike Force Generator” button above
  2. Choose how much Gold and Power Cores you would like
  3. Enter your account ID and choose a device you are using
  4. Click on the “Continue” button
  5. Wait for the process to finish adding currencies
  6. Enjoy your new Gold and Power Cores in Marvel Strike Force game.

Benefits of using our Marvel Strike Force Hack in 2019

Marvel Strike Force Generator

There are a few benefits of using Hack and generators from I will leave a shortlist with a few below. And if everything goes as planned, then this list will keep growing from 2020. There are a lot of features we plan to develop for our online generators.

  • Cheats/Hack Tools – You shouldn’t use cheats or hack tools in 2019 when there is a generator available for almost every game. Many people used those two methods years ago, but generators made them obsolete.
  • Download/Online – Downloading hacks or cheats used to be pretty popular since you were in control of it. But it had a lot of problems with viruses and similar stuff, so the online Hack is just an excellent way to get resources like Gold and Power Cores in a safe way.
  • County – One of the main benefits of online generators is that anyone can use them. So it doesn’t matter if you are from France, Brazil, United Kingdom, Germany, Canada, Australia, or the United States. You will be able to get the same benefits of this Hack as anyone else.
  • Device – You can use your mobile phone, PC, iPad, PS4, Xbox One, MacBook, or even Chromebook with this Marvel Strike Force Hack. If the device can open this website, then it can be used to get you unlimited resources any time you want on any platform.
  • Secure/Safe – The two main benefits of using this generator are that it’s easy to use and super safe. There is no way to get anything malicious since you aren’t downloading anything. And you are protected because we use proxy to add the resources to your Marvel Strike Force account. That means you can’t get in trouble.
  • Updated/Tested – We test and update our hacks often, but mostly when the games update to make sure they still work. So that means each time Marvel Strike Force gets an update, we test our generator to see if the resource adder still works with the new version of the game.

What resources are available in our Marvel Strike Force Hack?

There are only two central currencies in this game, and we can provide you both of them with our custom build hack. The two central currencies are Gold and Power Cores. Well, Gold is the more popular currency because you can use it for much more stuff in the game than Power Cores.


Gold Image

Gold is a beautiful currency to stockpile because you can never have enough of it. You can acquire Gold as a reward by completing various challenges that are available on certain days like Monday, Thursday, and Sunday. Or can always generate Gold using our generator and then buy some supplies or level up and increase ranks of your characters.

Power Cores

Power Cores Image

Power Coers are the second currency we allow people to generate for Marvel strike Force, and you can spend it as payment, for example, for unlocking the orbs. Most people are using them, for example, to unlock new heroes, so generating a lot of Power Cores is a great idea as well. I would say Power Cores are as crucial as Gold, so that’s why they are available in this generator.

Our Marvel Contest of Champions generator can give you 1,000,000 Gold and 50,000 Power Cores to spend every time you use the Hack. That should last you a while, or if you need more, feel free to use it again. There is no daily maximum for our generator, so get a crazy amount if you want.

What is the Marvel Strike Force?

Marvel Strike Force is a game set primarily in the Marvel Universe that you probably know from the movies or comics. The game is a turn-base-role-playing mobile game created by FoxNext for iOS and Android. The game was first launched in 2018 and is still active and healthy to this day.

If you want to use our Marvel Strike Force Hack, then use the button above or this link to access the generator and get Gold and Power Cores.